WhatsApp Beta 2.18.132 Update Download Available with New Changes for Group Chat Admins

A new WhatsApp version is now in the beta channel, and according to the latest reports, this version will come with some changes for the group admins. Until this moment, admins did not have complete control when it came to their groups.

Admins were only able to remove or add members, as well as promote other members to admins. Other things, such as editing the name, icon or description of the group, were available for all the members. This could have some negative effects, and admins were not able to protect them.

WhatsApp beta 2.18.132

The latest version does come with some changes for those who are admins in a group chat. They will be able to see a new option on the group info page, called Group settings. By opening that page they will be able to restrict the access to editing the information of the group. There they can also change the admins of the group.

The admin will get to decide if all participants of the group will be able to edit group info, or if just the admins can do that. With this new option, admins will have more authority in their group. In order to change who the admins are, you will need to tap Edit group admins options.

You can also make another person an admin by going to the participants list. There you have to tap-and-hold each participant that you want to make an admin. You also have the option to select multiple persons at once and then promote them all at the same time.

If you want to try out these new options that are available for admins you can join the beta program or you can find this version on APK Mirror.

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