Google Maps v9.77 Update Download Available with a Host of New Features

Google has just offered a new updated version of Google Maps and we believe that it is our goal to tell you what is new with this update and what the major tech company decided to add and to change to their app.

All the changes in one place

If you are one of those people that want to save a place and add it to your list then you are in luck since Google has just redesigned the look of these lists, making it more aesthetic. You can now see a picture of the venue once you tap on it with a couple of added buttons: Add, Edit and even Share.

Google Maps now has a new toggle which lets users ask others for their location whereas before you had to be the one sharing it. The feature looks to be fully implemented but not online yet which means that Google has something to tweak before making it official. However, you can find this feature in the update already.

A change of design seems to have been happening for the “Your places” age as well, with Google going for a more pure white aesthetic. Here opinions will always vary based on the person’s personal tasted so we will not comment on it.

Last but not least, the contributions page of Google Maps has also received a number of small tweaks, the most interesting thing being that Google decided to play around for a bit with the names of a couple of features. For example “Most helpful” is now “Most relevant” and so on. The most interesting is perhaps the fact that there is now a “Lowest rating” option which would certainly make things interesting when you are looking a place up and want to find out who left the lowest rating and (if they left a comment) why.

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