The Sims Mobile Update Download Available with Wedding Quest, Honeymoon Suite and Fireplace

The Sims Mobile is a great game that gives players a way to express their creativity while keeping them entertained at the same time. The Sims franchise is renowned for featuring thousands of customization options that range from clothing apparel to house decorations and just like original game, The Sims Mobile comes packed with all those features.

The Sims Mobile Update

This is a highly popular game that has more than one million of downloads combined on iOS and Android devices. The coolest thing about this game is not only the fact that players have endless possibilities when it comes to customization, but the fact that the developer are doing their best to keep the game fresh and this is where new updates come in.

The latest update for The Sims Mobile changes the game’s build number to “” and it is available right now. Although, we should mention that the update has been published in form of APK which means that Android users are the only who can get their hands on it at the moment. Nonetheless, the update will be rolled out OTA (over the air) to everyone in the upcoming weeks.

Weeding Quest

Just like you would expect from a new update, The Sims Mobile will receive some cool in-game content. The Sims Mobile players will be able to say “I do” in a Wedding Quest which is going to reward them with the “Honeymoon Suite” bedroom set. Not just that, but players will also receive the “Baroque Living Room” that comes bundled with an awesome looking fireplace that’s paired with new furniture.

With that being said, The Sims Mobile players are going to have a blast with the new in-game content that’s just been added. I can only imagine how awesome some houses are going to look now that players have received access to a fireplace.

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