Best Small Browsers that Use Chromium

We all know that one of the things that we use the most when we are on our laptops is a browser which lets us navigate the internet. Yes, there are some well-known browsers out there that most people have either heard of or have been using, such as Mozilla, Chrome and the classic Internet Explorer. Today we will be talking about some great, not as well-known browser options that use Chromium, a project developed by Google, tweaking it here and there.

Our top picks

When it comes to being new to the browser game, we must talk about Vivaldi, a browser that first came out two years ago, back in 2016. This was created by the CEO of Opera after that browser had a change in its direction when it removed the Presto engine, removing a lot of the classic features which were later reintroduced with Vivaldi.

Since we briefly mentioned Opera we believe that we should also talk about it for a bit. Back in 2013, it decided to stop using the Presto engine that we mentioned and it opted for a Blink-based Chromium one. One of the most interesting features that this browser has is the VPN option which is operated through the SurfEasy servers.

Last but not least, we would like to talk about Yandex, a Russian browser which has a ton of features that are truly useful. It decided to start using Chromium software back in 2012. One of their biggest features is that of a DNSCrypt which receives encrypted requests that come from a DNS server. When it comes to search engine options, you can choose between Google, or the classic Bing search engine. All in all, this a well-rounded browser with a ton of other features that we will let you explore for yourself.

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