WhatsApp Update: A Black Dot Could Crash your Phone

Welcome to the most recent series of subtle messages that could crash your telephone. For this situation you have to keep an eye out for a dark dot in the center of a WhatsApp message, however, evidently, the bug message isn’t generally so natural to spot.

According to Reddit threads and YouTube videos, the message arrives in an assortment of structures and works by concealing a pack of characters that at that point get extended when you tap the message. That data over-burden causes the application and maybe even your telephone to crash, regardless of whether you’re utilizing Android or iOS.

In light of reports throughout the end of the week, a few varieties of the message appear to do the rounds, so we can’t let you know precisely what to search for. A standout amongst the most popular variants is the previously mentioned dark dot series, according to IBTimes, yet we haven’t seen it ourselves.

Be careful at the black dot

There are likewise bits of gossip about whether this affects only Android gadgets or can hang iPhones also. WhatsApp itself presently can’t seem to make any remark on the bug or issue a fix to secure against it, so we can’t yet make certain about precisely what’s happening.

The uplifting news is you don’t have a considerable measure to stress over, regardless of whether a friend who loves jokes gets you out with one of these messages, you only need to reset your telephone to bring it back. You won’t lose any information, and there’s no sign that any of these messages can hack into your gadget.

These pernicious strings of content do depend on tap from the client, however, so for a couple of days at any rate, be careful about any messages requesting that you tap on an image or a word to see more: odds are you’re being hoodwinked.

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