Best iOS 11 and iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak Tweaks

When it comes to jailbreak tools available at the moment for Apple devices that run on iOS 11 and 11.1.2, CoolStar’s Electra is by far the best and most reliable option out there. Today we will be talking about the best jailbreak tweaks that have come up for the jailbroken version of iOS 11 and iOS 11.1.2.

BigBoss’ repository

BigBoss’ repository hosts a number of free jailbreak tweaks that you can get for free which we will be talking about now. One of them is called Active Display and it makes it so that the display now includes both battery and time information. ClearFolders is another jailbreak tweak that you can get for free if you so desire which makes it so your folder icons that appear on the Home page have a different design. The small tweak to the design makes it so that they are clearer and cleaner.

Another small tweak is called CustomLoadingText and it gives you the option to customize the spinner texts that appear in apps systemwide. Moreover, we can also find two other free jailbreak tweaks that you can get for free, namely LeaveAppMakeBounce and NowPlayingDisable. LeaveAppMakeBounce is responsible for adding a small bounce animation to the moment when you close your apps in the jailbroken version of your iOS 11 or 11.1.2 and NowPlayingDisable is quite straightforward, meaning that it stops the Now Playing notification that would appear on the Lock screen.

CydiaGeek’s repository

You can find two tweaks on here that you can get for free, the BlackPasscodeVIew one and ShyWeatherChannelButton. BlackPasscodeView is meant to make the passcode that appears on the Lock screen become black whereas before it was transparent. ShyWeatherChannelButton is meant to hide the Weather Channel button that one can find in the Weather app.

These features are all free and we believe that they are some of the best out there which is we decided to talk briefly about what they do.

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