Lightning Network For Bitcoin (BTC) Supported By The New iOS Crypto Wallet, CoinClip, And By Vaultoro Cryptocurrency Exchange

Lightning Network is a second layer solution for Bitcoin that allows users to make instant micropayments without having to resort to third parties. Today, a group of developers announced the release of the first Bitcoin (BTC) wallet for iOS, CoinClip, with the Lightning Network enabled.

CoinClip is a beta-phase Bitcoin (BTC) wallet for iOS that is now available on the Bitcoin testnet

CoinClip is the first Bitcoin (BTC) wallet available for iOS devices that runs Lightning Network. However, this is not the first mobile wallet for Bitcoin (BTC), as the Eclair wallet has launched its version for the Android operating system in the first week of April and users are still waiting for it to be enabled on iOS.

Although it is enabled on the Bitcoin testnet and there is no risk of loss of funds, for now, users on Reddit have reported that the CoinClip application takes some time to synchronize and complete the mapping of payment channels. To this, one of the developers responded that one of their main objectives for the next update will be to try to speed up the mapping.

The Twitter audience was enthusiastic about the initiative, although some Reddit users noted that the developers behind the app are low-profile, so caution should be needed once the application completes its testing phase.

The first cryptocurrency exchange to include Lightning Network was registered

The implementation of Lightning Network has been gradually increasing, although there is still a long way to go since, according to some specialists, the applications that would use the new payment channels are not ready to be used outside the testing phase.

However, a few days ago, the first cryptocurrency exchange to include Lightning Network was registered. Therefore, the Vaultoro cryptocurrency exchange is the first Bitcoin (BTC) exchange platform to implement the new micropayment protocol. To use it, users would only need an Eclair wallet and to open an account with Vaultoro.

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