Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Release Date – New Sensor Features and Screen Improvements

It is well-known by now that Samsung is one of the best phone companies that is out there on the market so people are always more than excited to see what it will come up with next and when that phone is going to be released. Such is the case with Galaxy Note 9 which is going to be the latest addition to the Note series. Today we will be talking about the specs of this phone and the possible release date that we heard about.

When will it come out?

Samsung is way too secretive about the release date of its latest phone but from the rumors that we heard and that are most likely to be real, we can expect it to be available on the market sometime around August or September. Since other models from the Note series were released during this period as well we can expect the South Korean company to stick close to this tradition.

New features for Samsung Note 9

With each new phone that comes out, fans want to see what features have been implemented that they have never seen before and it looks like the South Korean company is not going to disappoint its fans with the Galaxy Note 9. We have heard that we will most likely see a fingerprint sensor being placed in the screen of the phone. Yes, yet again Samsung did not confirm or deny this rumor but there is a small chance that this could become reality.

However, for us to see that happen or not we will have to wait a bit longer until Samsung will have the event where it will launch the Galaxy Note 9. Hopefully, the date of the launch will not be pushed back even more due to there needing to be more tests done.

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