Android P Will Change the Game – Take a Look at the Most Revolutionary Google Update

Android updates are always exciting for users, but it appears that Android P will be something unique. This update will come with plenty of special features and we managed to find out about some of them. Let’s take a look at what Android P has to offer.

Control how much time you spend on your phone

Android P will come with a dashboard that will show you exactly when and for how long you use each app on your phone. This also means that you will be able to limit the time you spend on each app. For example, you could allow yourself to spend only one hour on Facebook. When the time is up the icon will turn gray. This new feature has the name “Digital Well Being”.

Basically, this entire update will help you get rid of your phone dependence. The new dashboard will prove to be very useful for those who spend hours with the eyes glued to the screen. The data will show you exactly how you spend your time, and there is also a pie chart that shows how much you spend on each app, and you will also see how many unlocks and notifications you have.

Smart gestures

Accessing various functions will be easier thanks to Android P. Users will notice that the upgrade comes with navigation gestures that are similar to the ones we can find on iPhones. There are also new ways to access other functions.

Android P beta

One thing that bothers most Android users is the fact that updates take time until they reach all mobile phones. It appears that Android P might finally change that. That is because we already have a public beta for it and it is available for 11 different phones.

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