TRON (TRX): Tron Mainnet Blockchain Technology Operates At Speeds By 100 Times Higher Than Ethereum’s

Tron Labs, one of the entities behind TRON (TRX), claims its blockchain technology will be incredibly faster than Ethereum’s one, as it will be using a technology which will revolutionize the blockchain technology developing. In the opinion of Tron Labs, TRX’s mainnet network, which will be launched on May 31st, has now achieved test speeds which are “hundreds of times” higher than Ethereum’s blockchain speeds.

Expectedly, TRON (TRX) price will get a boost once the mainnet will be up and running.

Tron mainnet will enter a test stage right after its launch but is promising a next-gen infrastructure and lightning speeds

In a recent blog post from Medium, Tron argues that its platform will make it possible for the blockchain industry to break its reliance on Ethereum.

Because Tron is Java-based and provides a developer-friendly environment, the industry will be able to break with Ethereum and its low-efficiency network prone to congestion, high rates, and a strong learning curve. We will open the doors to a new phase of cryptocurrency focused on scaling and commercialization, providing the next-generation infrastructure and express lanes needed for the global development of dApp.

Tron Labs

Tron is saying that once it has released its mainnet, it will be in a test stage from June 1st to June 24th. Thereafter, Tron will be conducting its ” Super Representative Election “, scheduled for June 26th, to elect the agencies and persons that will be empowering the core of the Tron Net.

TRON (TRX) price – How is TRX doing as we’re getting closer to the mainnet launch?

At the moment of this article, TRON (TRX) is trading at $0.080 after losing about 1.88% in the last 24 hours. Yesterday, TRX closed at $0.081. In fact, TRX is in continuous decline since the last day of April when TRON (TRX) closed at $0.0937, which was, actually, the highest value TRX has ever achieved against the USD.

It is expected that, as we move closer to the launch of the Tron mainnet, TRON (TRX) price to go up.

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