WhatsApp Messenger 2.18.137 APK Update Download Available with New Package Kit

WhatsApp holds the title of being the most popular messaging app in the world and there’s a good reason behind that. This app gives people all the communication tools they need in order to get in touch with their friends and family members starting with free texts and ending with video calls. However, the most amazing thing about WhatsApp is the fact that the developers behind it are constantly looking to improve the app via new features and software tweaks.

WhatsApp Messenger 2.18.137 APK

Talking about new updates, WhatsApp fans should be happy to know that a new APK has been made available for download. The APK changes WhatsApp’s version number to 2.18.137 and it contains three new features, two of which are directed towards improving the “groups” panel of the app.

Android Package Kit

APK is an acronym for Android Package Kit and as you can probably tell, these updates are exclusive to devices that run on Google’s Android operating system. Moreover, Android fans are required to manually download and install APKs on their smartphones. Nonetheless, let’s see what this new APK update contains.

Three New Features

The first feature that’s being introduced alongside the 2.18.137 APK gives WhatsApp users the ability to add descriptions to their groups. This feature will prove to be quite useful for group admins who want to notify members of important information.

The second feature is also directed towards groups because it allows WhatsApp users to search for group participants. This is a great addition because previously, WhatsApp users needed to scroll down to long lists of participants before finding the member they wanted.

Lastly, the app’s developers want to improve the way users switch from voice to video and that’s why they added a new button. WhatsApp users will be able to tap on the “video button” during a call and switch between voice and video.

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