Google Play Store 10.0.7 APK Update Download Available with Latest Changes

The Android parent has released a brand-new update for Google Play Store. The new update changes the Play Store’s version number to “10.0.7” and it is essential to enhancing the service’s stability and user experience. With that being said, let’s see what changes this latest update contains and why Android fans should hurry and download it.

Google Play Store 10.0.7 APK

Google has made it a tradition to keep releasing APK updates for the Play Store on a regular basis. Considering that Play Store is being used by millions of Android fans every day, Google doesn’t afford to have it malfunctioning, crash or bug out. Therefore, this steady stream of updates that Google is releasing for Play Store are specially designed to improve the service’s stability.

Even though most new updates come with cool features or graphic changes, this latest Google Play Store 10.0.7 update doesn’t have any of that. However, this doesn’t mean that the update should be overlooked by Android fans because it contains something even more important than features and graphics changes.

Software Tweaks and Bug Fixes

The reason why Android fans should hurry up and install this latest update is that it comes with a handful of software tweaks and bug fixes. There’s nothing more annoying than trying to download a huge app only to have the Play Store crash in the middle of the process and this latest update makes sure this never happens.

Android Package Kit (APK)

We should also mention that this latest Google Play Store update is available only in form of APK at the moment. The update is scheduled to be rolled out to the wide public in the upcoming weeks, but eager Android fans can get their hands on it ahead of everyone else by manually sideloading the APK version of the update.

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