Fortnite Week 3 Challenge – The Secret Locations for All Rubber Ducks

The interesting thing about Fortnite is that even though players have been fighting on the same map ever since the game came out, the developers are managing to keep the game fresh and fun to play through weekly challenges and regular updates. Talking about weekly challenges, Fortnite players need to find lots of rubber ducks if they want to complete this week’s challenge and we are here to help.

Fortnite Week 3 Challenge

This week’s Fortnite challenge requires players to find rubber ducks which are spread all around the map. The cool thing about this challenge is not only the fact that it gives players something interesting and fun to do, but it also helps them earn Battle Stars.

With that being said, we are going to list all the locations where Fortnite players can find the rubber duckies that they need in order to complete the challenge. Also, it is worth noting that it doesn’t matter in which order these ducks are collected.

  • Fatal Fields Lake;
  • Snobby Shores Pool (in the second house located in the south part of the map);
  • Jetty in Loot Lake;
  • Pool located near the crab statue in Moisty Mmire;
  • Lonely Lodge (right next to the pool of water);
  • North-West of Lucky Landing (under the bridge);
  • Map edge of the waterfall located North-East of Anarch Acres;
  • The in-house bathroom that is located North-West of Retail Row;
  • Retail Row in the water tower;
  • Map edge of the waterfall in West of Lucky Landing.

Visual Reference

There you have it Fortnite fans, now go hunt those rubber ducks! Before you do that, we need to mention that Fortnite’s developers have made it a bit easier for players to find the ducks by highlighting them with red circles in the map overview.

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