Pokemon Go 0.103.3 Download Available – New Rare Candy Feature and Bug Fixes

Pokemon Go holds the title of being one of the most popular mobile games ever made with millions of downloads both on Android and iOS. The main reason why Pokemon Go managed to get so popular is because it allows people all around the world to live their childhood dream of stepping in Ash Ketchum’s shoes and becoming a Pokemon trainer.

Nonetheless, the fact that Pokemon Go uses AR (augmented reality) technology is also one of the game’s biggest strengths. The game has been out for more than a year now and to everyone’s surprise, it didn’t lose its popularity at all.

Pokemon Go 0.103.3 Update

The reason why Pokemon Go managed to maintain its popularity over the course of time is because the developers keep releasing a constant stream of updates. These updates are usually focused on improving the game’s stability through bug fixes, but some of them also introduce new features and Pokemon which helps keep the game fresh for older players.

Size and Requirements

This latest update is quite big in size, measuring in at 83.47MB. Therefore, we advise Pokemon Go fans to make sure to download the update over a stable Wi-Fi network so that they don’t use up all their mobile data on it.

Moreover, the update is targeted towards smartphones that run on Google’s Android 7.1 Nougat operating system. Luckily, it can also be installed on older smartphones since it requires a minimum of Android 4.4 KitKat.

What’s New?

Pokemon Go fans should be happy to know this new update is going to allow them to transform Rare Candy to a specific Pokemon’s Candy in bulk. Not just that, but the new update is also packed with a handful of bug fixes which are going to make sure that Pokemon Go never crashes.

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