Subway Surfers – Secret Tricks and Tips That Change Everything

If you are looking for a fun and challenging mobile game that’s going to keep you entertained during boring moments, then you might want to give Subway Surfers a ty. On the downside of things, the game can be truly challenging at times and some levels are considered impossible to pass, but this is what makes it fun.

We want to make sure that everyone can enjoy their time while playing Subway Surfers and today we are going to present a bunch of secret tips, tricks and cheats which will help everyone pass their best friend’s high score!

Jetpack Trick

One cool trick that every Subway Surfer player needs to know about is how to jump really high with a jetpack. Players can simply put a jetpack on and fly around the map until the gadget runs out of fuel and then quickly swipe up right after catching the last coin. This will make the jetpack jump higher than it usually does and players will most likely land on top of a train.

Invisible Hoverboard

This next trick is a secret and not many Subway Surfer fans know about it. However, this is your lucky day because we are going to unveil the secret to turning a hoverboard invisible. The first thing that players need to do is to start a game and die really fast, but make sure to click the Mega Headstart and turn it on in the exact moment that the character dies. This will cause the character to fly backwards and the hoverboard will become invisible when the character lands.

Essential Tips

The best tip that we can give Subway Surfers players is to try and run on top of trains every time they can. Running on top of trains will help players avoid all the obstacles that they normally have to jump over. Lastly, players need to make sure to continue upgrading their Super Sneaker and Multiplier power-ups as the game goes on. If you want to get free coins and keys you can use this subway surfers mod apk.

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