Far Cry 6: What’s Going to Happen Next

Far Cry 3 hit the market in 2012, and from that point forward Ubisoft has been taking us to energizing placed with each new significant section in the game at regular intervals, every two years or somewhere in between. Since Far Cry 5 earned twice as much as Far Cry 4 amid the main seven days after the release date, it is sensible to expect that Far Cry 6 will be released in 2020.

Far Cry 5 surpassed everybody’s desires by consolidating disorderly action and adventures to make a one of a kind and fun game. It was a vast open world with many plans to astound and to hype the players, which was the first mission of all past Far Cry games. Because of that, a significant number of the dependable enthusiasts of Ubisoft’s franchise are debating on where the game will head next with Far Cry 6.

Ubisoft has officially taken us to stunning places all through the Far Cry series. We investigated the tropical islands, climbed the Himalayan mountains, traveled to the African fields, the farmlands of Montana, and even went all the distance to the past, to ancient Central Europe in Far Cry Primal. Here are some potential new areas for Far Cry 6.


In the wake of meandering through the Tibetan snow, going in Africa and tropical archipelagos, consider the possibility that the new spin-off of the game will acquaint us with a fight against nature itself.

The Amazon rainforest is a standout amongst the most nature-testing place on the planet, particularly amid the rainstorm season. Besides fighting the nature and the extreme climate, players could be tested by angry caimans and piranhas, and, also, swarms of noxious and rankled insects, like mosquitos and ants. The majority of that happening while swinging blades to battle the undergrowth, and a multitude of officers searching for you. To survive, the hero would need to climb distinctive heights and stow away in the shadows while erasing their tracks to survive.

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