Fix: Get Rid of Error 1671 on iTunes

Many Apple users had to deal with error 1671 in iTunes. This happened for iPod Touch, iPad, as well as iPhone. The error occurred while updating or restoring the device. If you are one of the persons who encountered this issue, our article will try to explain it and show you how to get rid of it.

There are multiple reasons for this error. It might be that you have the outdated version of iTunes, or your operating system might be the outdated one. In other cases, an invalid anti-virus was to blame. If your computer is infected by viruses or if you have too many USB controllers connected this error can appear as well.

Update the software

If you want to get rid of this issue, the simplest way to do that is by making sure that you are up to date with everything. Start by updating iTunes to the latest version. Then make sure that you have the latest operating system version for your computer.

You should also make sure that you update your antivirus. There shouldn’t be any viruses on your computer so you should run a full scan as well. Finally, you can make sure that there aren’t any unnecessary USB cables connected.

Other methods

If the simple solutions did not work for you, you might need to try another one: restoring it. In order to do that you should start by connecting your device to the computer. Then, go to iTunes and select your device and click the Summary tab.

After you have done this follow the directions that appear on the screen for Restore. Select “yes” in order to back up your data. Your data will be restored. Wait until you are done and then choose to copy the files on your device.

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