iOS 12 Update: Instagram and New Improvements

On Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference held on June 4, Apples announced that they will target security and reliability for their future phone models. I made a list of features that I would like to be seen on my new iPhone version.

Clear those annoying notifications

This should be the main feature because everyone wants to feel free to choose how they want their notifications to be kept. Also, unsubscribing for those annoying notifications would be an important step. I think we could do that simply from a settings icon. More precisely, Apple should borrow this idea from Android, at least in that area.

No Instagram feeling

When I enter the Photo app, I want to see my iCloud Library too. This should be automatically synchronized with my albums.  The albums are generated by the time, the size, the location. It is not fun anymore. I want to see my recent photos from a launch view, with a lot of options for sharing with those we love.

Also, I want to put filters on my photos and play new highlighters with them, without entering the gallery every time. A distinct application for these features would be a great victory in this battle with boring photos.

Silent phone all day long

For now, I would like my calls to be filtered while I am driving. I do not want to receive calls for everyone, just for my friends and family, if it is something urgent. This behavior can be chosen in the night version of “Do not disturb”, so let’s make it possible for the drive mode, too.

Also, at nights it might happen that someone from the approved list to call me. I would like to answer, because for sure it’s an emergency. This control upon my notifications would be a dream for the “Do not Disturb” feature.

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