Xbox One S vs. PS4 Slim – Best Specs and Features Comparison

A gaming console is essential for every gamer, but before you make that investment, you might want to do a little bit of research first. Each console has its advantages and disadvantages, and you must decide which one fits your needs better. Today we will compare two of the most popular choices, Xbox One S and PS4 Slim.

Storage space

Having enough storage is one of the things that gamers need. If you don’t need to upgrade to huge storage, you might be happy with the Xbox One S. This has options up to 2 TB of storage. However, if this is not enough for you, you can choose PS4 Slim. This console allows you to upgrade storage easily, and you can always add more temporary storage.


PS4 is not that special when it comes to connectivity; it has a LAN an auxiliary port and HDMI. On the other hand, however, the Xbox One S has an HDMI 2.0 connection that was improved for 4k videos, an IR blaster, LAN cable, optical audio port, IR out, and two USB 3.0 connections.


If you are looking for power, you should go with the PS4 Slim. That is because when it comes to GPU, the PS4 Slim beats the Xbox One S with .44 teraflop. We should add however that the Xbox One S is .1 GHz faster than the PS4 Slim. They both have custom made 8-core AMD processors.


The visuals are an essential aspect for many users. If we compare these two, we can see that the Xbox is larger than the PS4. Additionally, its design is quite appreciated by fans because it manages to use bright colors in an aesthetically pleasing way.

The PS4 is more compact, which means that it will be easier to hold it. When it comes to color, the PS4 is more traditional and uses black.

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