Apple Gives Up the Actual Design – The Change Occurs Now

A new iPhone X variant for tech- lovers

The enigma regards the name of the new “baby-tech”. It is unclear whether what we are looking is the ‘iPhone SE2’ (expected to be called the iPhone SE, again) or the ‘iPhone X SE’ (unlikely to be its final name), which means is a more expensive model – though still extremely affordable by expansion of the iPhone X line.

Apple adopts a hybrid design. The phone will be added a glass back to enable wireless charging. Unfortunately, the new model will not keep the iPhone SE’s headphone jack. But the changes are not always bad, right?

All about its dimensions

It supposes a bezel-less front display and Face ID technology, but the size is the same a little bit smaller than iPhone SE. New iPhone’s dimensions as 121.04 x 55.82 mm (4.8 x 2.2-inches) – fractionally smaller than the 123.8 x 58.6 mm (4.87 x 2.31-inches) of the iPhone SE. So the display is approximately 5-inches, given the iPhone X a 5.8-inch display, bigger than the 4.7-inch of  iPhone 8.

Probably Apple will only produce a second generation iPhone X and larger iPhone X Plus later this year. Even the most trustful sources cannot predict what model will be. If you ask me, then I would like to see an ‘iPhone SE 2’. I will also like it to be cheaper, but I guess this new model may be an internal upgrade of the current SE, so the price will be set near iPhone X and iPhone X Plus.

Anyway, I am surprised by the fact that the bigger models are getting cheaper, so this new model, which will be smaller than the older ones, have a great potential of being set at a higher price.

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