Enable WhatsApp on Nokia Asha 503 and Nokia Asha 201

Apple’s latest iPhone X flagship smartphone is amazing, but the device’s price tag goes over $1,000 and not everyone is willing to pay such a hefty sum for a smartphone. Take for example Nokia Asha owners who are still using their smartphones without any issues to this day. Despite being outdated, Nokia Asha smartphones are still more than capable to be used as daily drivers and current apps such as WhatsApp still work on them!

WhatsApp Stops Supporting Nokia S40 Devices

WhatsApp is the world’s best messaging app and unfortunately, the developers who are in charge of the app have announced that WhatsApp will stop supporting Nokia Asha S40 devices starting December 31st, 2018. On the bright side of things, this doesn’t apply to Nokia Asha 503 and Nokia Asha 201.

Nokia Asha 503 and Nokia Asha 201

Even though WhatsApp is looking to depart from the Nokia Asha lineup, Nokia 503 and Nokia Asha 201 will still be able to run WhatsApp. Although, there is only one issue that Nokia 503 and Nokia Asha 201 owners need to take fix in order to enjoy all the features that WhatsApp has to offer.

Provider Issues

There are many reports which indicate that many network providers are giving problems to Nokia Asha owners. Most of these network providers are located in India but luckily, these problems are quite easy to get rid of.

The only thing that Nokia Asha 503 and Nokia Asha 201 owners need to do in order to enable WhatsApp on their smartphones is to head over to the Configurations panel, tap on Preferred Access Point and choose the network provider that they are with. Now, head back to the Configurations panel and tap on Default config. All that’s left to do is to restart the smartphone and use WhatsApp as much as you want.

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