Google Play Services (Android TV) 12.6.85 – Improved Stability and Performance

Android P is scheduled to come out during the upcoming months and even though Google is hard at work to make sure that its upcoming operating system runs perfectly, the Android parent keeps releasing updates to all its other software and services. In fact, Google Play Services for Android TV has just received a major update!

Google Play Services

Google Play Services is an important component in the Android operating system, but the funny thing about it is that most people have no idea what it does. There are hundreds of cases where people delete Google Play Services from their smartphones or TV sets and then they are left wondering to why nothing works as it used to.

This feature has many uses, but its most popular one is allowing other apps to update themselves automatically. Not just that, but Google Play Services is used for core functionalities such as authenticating to other Google services and synchronizing contact information.

Google Play Services (Android TV) 12.6.85 Update

As previously mentioned, there is a new update that changes Google Play Services version number to 12.6.85. The new update is available for Android TV at the moment and it contains a couple of important software changes.

Android TV users will not be able to see any graphical updates to their UI (user interface) or new features, but the software itself will be improved. The new update is packed with bug fixes which remove known issues and make sure that Google Play Services for Android TV runs as it is supposed to.

Android Package Kit

The update will start rolling out through OTA (over the air) channels to everyone in the upcoming days, but eager Android TV fans can get their hands on it by downloading the APK version. We should mention that APK updates need to be manually downloaded and installed.

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