Does PlayStation 4’s Story End Here?

Even if the present is all about technology, there are some cases when not even technological products keep up with this fast pace. Play Station 4 has been the go-to option for many people, but lately the product’s fate hasn’t been so certain.

The glory of PlayStation 4

Sony Interactive Entertainment launched the video game console in November 2013 and since then it sold 73.6 million units. It was even praised and compared with Microsoft’s products regarding its features and accessibility.

Is Sony willing to let go?

Takashi Mochizuki, reporter at Wall Street Journal, has translated an investor presentation where John Kodera, the chief executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment, told investors and analysts that PlayStation 4 will reach its final destination. Of course, the company’s sales will be affected. But would sales really be affected after such news or this decline was already visible? The answer is that anyone who has been analysing Sony’s financials would figure out the state in which PlayStation 4 actually is – and it’s not a good one. After so many units sold and shipped, sales decreased dramatically to 20 million units in 2016.

In 2017, figures were expected to fall even more, but the company recorded only a small difference of 19 million units. However, this is not encouraging. The company doesn’t expect to sell more than 16 million units during the current year. But we still don’t know when the final phase will be. The console sales have declined over the past two years, but John Kodera didn’t mention a specific period for this stage.

Kodera is still in a strong position regarding this situation. Sony relies on software sales and membership services in order to increase their revenue. He has also promised that there would be more exclusive titles for PlayStation.

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