Noah Cross-Border Payment Platform Based On Its Own Noah Coin (NOAH) Invests In Japanese Stock Market

Noah is a cross-border payment platform that started its operations in 2016 with the goal of developing an easy-to-use system for managing payments, mobile payments, discounts and business services using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. By implementing this technology, the business is able to provide its users with a faster and cheaper method of conducting transactions in comparison with the traditional solutions.

In late April, Noah bought 15% of the shareholdings of Beat Holdings Limited, which was originally known as Xinhua Holdings Limited. The corporation is traded on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is based in Hong Kong, but operates regionally in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Japan.

The Noah Project intends to deepen the deployment of its own new products and technologies and decided to invest more in the Japanese stock market.

Noah cross-border payment platform is backed up by Noah Coin (NOAH)

For its functioning, Noah relies on its own cryptocurrency, the Noah Coin (NOAH). This token will be useful for the execution of various investments linked to residential real estate projects and programs of ecological agriculture, which will use crypto assets to trade and exchange. Furthermore, its clients will be allowed to enjoy the improved ecosystem of Noah, which permits the operation of cryptocurrencies on its platform.

Noah will permit its members to be involved in all the platform’s projects and other unique endeavors, all managed by the Noah Foundation. The program has gathered over $110 million in private fundraising sessions while working to advance its cross-border payment and remittance system through Noah Coin (NOAH).

Besides this, the Noah devs also work on the construction of its proprietary portfolio of cryptocurrencies, specially tailored to be exploited by Noah ecosystem’s members. This is a major component since it will empower consumers to stock, transact, and exchange Noah Coin (NOAH) cryptocurrency.

Noah Coin (NOAH) cryptocurrency is available for purchase at the HitBTC Exchange or via the Changelly crypto exchange platform. At the moment of this article, NOAH is trading at $0.006.

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