Opera Mini 35.0.2254.12 Update Download Available – Stability and Usability Improvements

Opera Mini is a fast and reliable browser that is specially designed for Android smartphones. The browser is small in size so that it doesn’t use too much storage space like Google Chrome is known to do and its software has been optimized to reduce mobile data usage while surfing the web. Nonetheless, the reason why Opera Mini is making headlines today is because a brand-new update which changes its version number to “Beta 35.0.2254.127607” has just arrived.

Opera Mini Browser Beta 35.0.2254.127607

As you can probably tell from the update’s version, it is targeted towards beta users. The new update is packed with various stability and usability improvements which are going to take Opera Mini’s user experience to the next level. Therefore, Opera Mini users who love browsing the web in their spare time should make sure to get the new update.

Becoming a Beta Tester

Even though the update might be exclusive to beta testers, enrolling in Opera Mini’s beta program is not that complicated. Opera Mini users who want to become beta testers and to receive all the latest bug fixes, features and software tweaks ahead of everyone else should be happy to know that the only thing they will need to do in return for this privilege is to find bugs and report them to developers.

Highlight Features

Now that we talked about the new update, let’s check out some of Opera Mini’s highlight features and see if the browser does have what it takes to compete against the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

  • Built-in Adblocker;
  • Save Mobile Data;
  • Video Download Option;
  • Smart Download Manager;
  • Private Tabs (similar to Incognito Mode);
  • Multi-tasking.

From the looks of it, Opera Mini has all the features that it needs in order to be considered a worthy alternative to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In addition, Opera Mini keeps improving because the developers are always releasing new updates.

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