Clash of Clans 10.134.18 Update – Improved Stability and Reduced Battery Consumption

Clash of Clans is the type of game that is always going to be mentioned when people are talking about the most popular mobile games ever. Clash of Clans launched back in 2012 and it has been downloaded by more than 43 million people only on Android smartphones ever since. With that in mind, we think it’s safe to assume that Supercell who is the lead developer is under pressure to keep the gameplay fresh and entertaining.

Clash of Clans 10.134.18 Update

Keeping a huge player base of over 43 million happy is not an easy task, but Supercell is somehow managing to do that. The game developer has made it a tradition to release monthly Clash of Clans updates which feature new content that makes the game feel new, even to veteran players. However, that’s not the only thing that Clash of Clans updates contains.

Take for example the latest Clash of Clans 10.134.18 which was recently released. This update is not focused on new features or content and instead it is focused towards making the game more stable. No one likes playing a game that randomly crashes and Supercell is making sure that never happens by releasing software tweaks and bug fixes.

New Software Tweaks and Bug Fixes

As previously mentioned, Supercell puts a high price on the user experience that its game is able to offer and this is where software tweaks and bug fixes come in. Clash of Clans fans should be happy to know that the new 10.134.18 update is packed with various bug fixes that take care of known issues which annoyed fans in the past.

Another important thing that we should mention is that the new update also helps reduce the amount of battery power Clash of Clans requires. This is a great addition since the biggest problem that smartphones have is that their batteries are not big enough.

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