Dead Space 4 Release Date – What’s Going On So Far?

Numerous fanatics of the mainstream Dead Space arrangement are anticipating a follow up to Dead Space 3, so Dead Space 4. But it will be released in neither in PS4, nor in Xbox One. Dead Space was one of Visceral Games greatest frightfulness series inspires from Resident Evil and introduces the feeling of fear in general.

Many fans wants to be released another series, but it’s hard work.

People aren’t sure about this game because of the decision from October 2017, when EA shuttered Visceral.

Are Visceral Games closed?

Electronic Arts once again takes on the role of the executioner and closes another illustrious software house. This is Visceral Games, the authors of Dead Space who were working on a new adventure game based on the Star Wars franchise.

The announcement comes on the official website of the American company from the hands of Executive Vice President, Patrick Söderlund. The closure of the game development is due to the new corporate strategy that provides for the publication of titles focused on the vision of the game as a service.

Dead Space can be easily lost if it comes a new team. The whole experience changes. The gamers are used with the old versions which are a memory of the old times. This experiment is not a great opportunity for the unprepared workers. Visceral Games should continue to work with the EA and maybe solve the money problem.

Nothing is clear

The game is not developed right now, but nobody cancels it either.

Ian Milham, the Art Directed said that the license of the beloved game costs a lot of money, that’s why the project is still left behind. But, in the future, if someone wants to develop the project and it will come to a new team, the old ideas will be destroyed and that may practically ruin the game.

The bad news is that fans have to wait for the release date some years.

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