GTA 6, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two – What Brings Them Together?

Five years ago, Grand Theft Auto V was released. Classified as the most profitable game of all time, the title of RockStar Games continues to be relevant in the market due to the wave of updates released at regular intervals. It also helps to have an online component very well set up.

However, fans of the series are looking forward to getting hold of GTA VI. Rockstar publisher has refrained from making any statement about the subject, but some information from sources close to the company has begun to run over the internet.

The big release still waits

Grand Theft Auto 6 should be released sometime in 2021 – 2022. Although that date seems very distant, it is important to note that in the past, around five years, a new Grand Theft Auto has been built.

During the development period, the same source drew attention to the fact that the game is titled Project Americas. It is only when the launch and online trailer arrives that it will be renamed Grand Theft Auto 6. The action of the future game will be played equally in the United States and South America. Depending on the mission he is trying to do, a player will fly from one side to the other between the two regions of the world. Old Vice City could also embody an important role in the game.

In view of the launch of the title for over 3-4 years, it will be interesting to see which platforms will be supported at the time, if not new consoles.

GTA 6, Xbox Two and PlayStation 5

If GTA 6 needs another 3-4 years to release, that means, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two probably will be already in the stores. But we don’t know the date Microsoft and Sony will bring up their products on the market.

The new fact in the game will be probably a female protagonist, so the game could attract women too.

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  1. Nicole, GTA V and GTA San Andreas my two favorite GTA series games. I like that they both have rural areas and not just limited to the urban areas.

    Rockstar Games has became relevant from poking fun of AMERICAN culture, If they want to profit on GTA 6, the game has to not only take place in the U.S., but also have a mix of urban and rural areas on the map. Hopefully, GTA 6 makes it right otherwise I don’t see much of a future for Rockstar.

    I would like to shut down one rumor everyone has been saying about the next Xbox console: I don’t think it will be called Xbox Two. “One” is a brand name. It’s use in OneNote and OneDrive. It could be called Xbox One 2 or maybe something else.

    Feel free to reply. I would like to hear your opinions.

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