H1Z1: Battle Royale on PS4 gets Improvements and Fixes with Open Beta May 25 Patch and Bug Tracker

H1Z1: Battle Royale fans receive great news as a patch filled with improvements and fixes just landed. The team tells gamers on Twitter that all of their feedback has helped them a lot in tracking down issues and fixing them. A Reddit post highlights the most important improvements and fixes that are included in the patch. Here are the essential changes that you will be able to enjoy:

Updates and bug fixes

  • The duos have been unlocked and it’s open for play.
  • The minimap has been enhanced in order to be more performant.
  • The rendering issues that were found in more locations of the world when you’re driving a car have been resolved.
  • The medical items will no longer play footstep sound effects.
  • The party leader will always see the fifth member of their team in the lobby UI.
  • The issue where the PSN profile photo wasn’t always loaded for all team members has been fixed.
  • The throwables are playing their proper animations from now on.
  • Marauder and CNQ-09 have appropriate pick-up items.
  • Marauder and KH-43 are showing the correct icons in the death screen panel.
  • The crate opening audio now sounds correct regarding distance.
  • A few issues that could have crashed the game have been fixed.

Currently tracked issues

  • It seems that some gamers may still see stuck/”infinite” queue time issue and be restarting the app seems to help.
  • The team is still working to make sure that all gamers who ordered the Nemesis Pre-Order Bundle receive their items.
  • The team is also still working on fixing the issue where controls seem stuck or where they lose focus.
  • There are some players who reported that they group up for Five matched but they get placed in separate lobbies, and the team is currently investigating this issue as well.

For the complete list of improvements and fixes we recommend that you read the whole Reddit post here.

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