MacBook Pro 2018 Leaks – Will It Have Significant Upgrades?

The MacBook Pro line has had various problems and complaints regarding its design and functionality. The new MacBook Pros could come either in June at WWDC or later this year in fall. The biggest problems have been the butterfly-switch key design and the lack of an USB Type A port. Many people are wondering what does Apple have in store for MacBook. However, according to DigiTimes, the processor upgrade will be the only update.

Design: A bezel-free MacBook?

According to Apple’s best and worst brands report, MacBook’s design is more of a downfall rather than a significant feature. The single problem a bezel-free design would have is the webcam position but other systems have already succeeded in shrinking the bezels while keeping the webcam in place (Dell XPS 13).

Keyboard: Getting rid of the butterfly-switch key design?

This type of keyboard design has been considered fragile and sometimes difficult to write properly – having to press multiple times on certain keys. Unfortunately, it isn’t bound to happen. However, Apple is working on a crumb-resistant keyboard.

The processor: The biggest obstacle

Apple will invest in Intel’s 8th Generation processors from which a quad-core Lake Kaby Lake R Core i5 or Core i7 is the most obvious choice. This would increase performance and double the number of cores. The second option is the Intel’s Kaby Lake G CPU with AMD Radeon Vega processors with a better graphic for Photoshop users, gaming and movie editing. Apple usually uses AMD’s graphics over Nvidia’s so Apple would choose the second.

Regarding chips, Apple would be ahead of its competitors and would fix their problems if the company adopted 10nm chips.  Intel has launched Cannon Lake but there are a few laptops with this CPU. This would support more RAM at lower power than the current CPU, maybe a reason why Apple didn’t choose an option with 32 GB RAM.

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