Ripple (XRP) Adoption Increased Even More As Kuwait Finance House Announced They’ll Use RippleNet

Yesterday, May 26th, Kuwait’s leading Islamic lender unveiled its plans to affiliate with RippleNet. Kuwait Finance House (KFH) will partner with Ripple’s network dedicated to banks and other financial institutions and will use Ripple (XRP) blockchain to cut down on transactions fees and boost the pace of cross-border payments. Definitely, this is another good news regarding Ripple (XRP) adoption.

KFH is the first bank in Kuwait to join RippleNet for cross-border instant payments using blocking technology.

Kuwait Finance House

The announcement is the newest in a string of high-level news reports regarding the Ripple (XRP) adoption. Earlier this week, Ripple stormed into conventional and social media as Ashton Kutcher went to The Ellen DeGeneres Show and donated $4 million in XRP for the Ellen’s Wildlife Fund in Rwanda during an instant cross-border payment which has been conducted live during the show.

Ripple (XRP) adoption process had a great period characterized by many interesting partnerships

Soon after the Ashton Kutcher event, Propy, a worldwide real estate broker, declared that it is now able to buy and sells homes in Ripple (XRP).

Besides, the Uphold digital payment platform fulfilled its XRP implementation, permitting its clients to buy Ripple (XRP) using US Dollars but also to make deposits, transactions, and withdrawals.

Also noteworthy, the Revolut mobile banking application has successfully concluded its XRP implementation, allowing its about 2 million users to purchase and sell Ripple (XRP).

Additionally, the online private jet booking service TapJets announced that it intends to adopt Ripple (XRP) as a new payment method starting with June 1st.

Ultimately, the social trading network and multiple asset trading firm eToro posted a review of its clientele, disclosing that XRP is among the most sought-after assets on eToro’s trading platform.

Besides Ripple (XRP) adoption news, Ripple team has announced its intentions of changing XRP symbol and the community is free to come up with ideas. Also, at the moment of this article, XRP is traded at $0.60, recording a 2.06% loss in the last 24 hours.

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