Google Earth Update Download Available for Windows PCs with Additional Support for Browsers

Google Earth is an app that provides users with a 3D-rendering of the Earth by using high-quality satellite imagers. The developers have been working on improving it and the latest update offers new features.

Google Earth services

Developers have been working on increasing the app’s accessibility via web browsers due to the fact that it isn’t free. It can be accessed on the Chrome web browser which is owned by Google but will soon be available for Mozilla Firefox too.

Google Earth has two versions, namely Basic and Pro. The Pro version offers users print HD resolution screenshots, advanced GIS data importing (data about traffic count, parcels, etc.), the ability to edit and share movies offline with Quicktime HD and Windows Media and an improved measurement feature.

Regardless of the Google Earth version you have, its installation depends on having LSB 4.1 libraries, Windows XP, Vista, 7 or higher and Mac OS X 10.6.0 or higher. For the latest update, users will have to download the latest direct installers 6.2 and 7.x for Windows and Mac from the Google Earth support page. This update will include access to information about the places you would like to see or the least explored areas and even visit them in 3D view. Moreover, you can check and read about different travel experiences in about 40 available books.

What about Mozilla Firefox and other browsers?

Google Earth Support Demo for Mozilla Firefox has been published on Twitter by the Google developers themselves. The support is only extended to Chrome via Native Client. Google Earth Support will be offered on Edge and Safari but nothing is certain at the moment until the software is ported to Mozilla Firefox.

WebAssembly, an open standard to run code in browsers, is being worked on at Google which is already functional on Mozilla Firefox.

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