Google Maps is Scheduled for a Great Update – Improved Reality Navigation

Google is set to update its apps and Google Maps is one of them. Last week, The company inaugurated its ideas at the Google I/O developers conference. Some of the future characteristics are already available on test versions for a select group of users.

Custom list of locations

Google Maps will have the feature to mark your previous locations on custom lists. It will announce you through a progress bar when you visit one or more places frequently.

Improved reality navigation

By accessing your phone’s camera, Google Maps will make your journeys easier by using machine learning to detect the environment and location.

Better screen usage

When users want to access more information about a certain institution or location, they access the location information page. Unfortunately, this page is full-screen and takes a lot of space. Google Maps will no longer have a full-screen information page but a third-screen one.

Personalised recommendations

Google Maps accesses your own location history, the road accessibility depending on where you are and your Google reviews for providing a better location, for example a restaurant. A match percentage and a star rating will provide you the most suitable choices based only on your preferences.

New Explore tab

Just as TripAdvisor and Yelp, Google Maps will show the latest nearby activities and events.

Updated Material Theme design language

Google Maps will have colour-filled buttons and more rounded corners in order to provide a better app design. The practical directions and contact details will be featured at the bottom. The top will have pictures of the selected location.

The developers didn’t mention an exact period or date for the updates at the Google I/O last week. However, people expect the new Google Maps to be available in the following months.

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