Opera Mini vs. UC Browser – Which One is the Best Google Chrome Alternative?

Google made a clever decision when it decided to pre-install Chrome on all Android powered smartphones. This didn’t only help improve the browser’s popularity, but it also made it look like Android fans don’t have any reason to try out other browsers. We are not saying that Google Chrome is a bad browser by any means, but there a couple reasons why people might want to give UC Browser or Opera Mini a try, especially since Google Chrome is infamous for draining RAM power.

UC Browser

In case you didn’t know, UC Browser holds the title of being the most popular browser in India and China. Is there something that those two regions know and we don’t? Well, the reason why UC Browser is so popular is that it has been designed to enhance download speeds.

The browser ships with a special download manager that takes download speeds to the next level and it also helps users manage their files. Not just that, but UC Browser users will find out that downloading files will not slow down the way they browse the web because pages will load at the same speed.

Opera Mini

Just like UC Browser, Opera Mini excels at downloading files, but this is not the only thing that it excels at! As its name implies, Opera Mini is tiny in size and this makes it ideal for more mid-ranged smartphones that don’t benefit from a large internal storage space.

In addition, Opera Mini features data compression which helps the browser reduce the amount of mobile data consumed while browsing the web without being connected to a stable Wi-Fi network. We should also note that Opera Mini features a friendly UI (user interface).

Final Thoughts

UC Browser and Opera Mini are high-end browsers that offer a premium level user experience. Both are superior to Google Chrome when it comes downloading files, but Opera Mini takes the cake in this comparison because it is specially designed to lower how much mobile data people use on a daily basis.

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