EOS (EOS) Holders Will Have Tokens Frozen If Don’t Register Them Before June 1st When EOS Mainnet Is Set To Launch

With less than a week before EOS moves to its own mainnet, more than 50% of EOS (EOS) tokens are still not registered on the network. A situation that jeopardizes a few million dollars invested and could, in the worst case, affect EOS (EOS) market prices.

The cryptocurrency wallet Exodus was the first to report the situation, warning that more than half of the holders of the EOS ICO ERC20 tokens, hosted on Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, had not registered or updated their public key to claiming their tokens corresponding to the EOS (EOS) blockchain at the time of the migration to its own mainnet.

Millions of dollars in EOS (EOS) could be frozen after Friday, June 1st

The registration or mapping of EOS tokens, as it is also called, must be done by each of the EOS token owners to associate their Ethereum (ETH) wallet to a public key on the EOS (EOS) mainnet. All this with the aim of having your money active on the mainnet.

What if a wallet is not registered?
It’s exposed to backup logging. The Script will synchronize all the public keys of Ethereum in a block range. If you can locate a public key belonging to an unregistered address, it will generate an EOS public key from the Ethereum public key. The public key of Ethereum should match the public key of EOS. (Note: This is highly experimental, but has been tested to work with high confidence.

EOS (EOS) team

EOS (EOS) is secured on the 5th position in the crypto market

Since its ICO, EOS (EOS), an initiative dedicated to arbitration and digital governance with blockchain, has enjoyed popularity among crypto enthusiasts.

At the moment of this article, the EOS (EOS) is the 5th cryptocurrency with a market cap of over $10,5 billion. At this moment, EOS is traded at $11.92, losing about 3% in the last 24 hours.

EOS team and the cryptocurrency wallets and cryptocurrency exchange platforms trading this crypto recommend users to register their EOS tokens before June 1st, as 23 hours after that date the tokens will be frozen until further notice.

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