Google Play Services Has Stopped Working Error – Simple Way To Fix It

Even though most people don’t even know this, Google Play Services is one of the most important components in every version of Google’s Android operating system. Google Play Services is not used as an app and this is why there are so many Android fans who have no idea what it does. However, a new Google Play Services error appeared and its driving Android fans insane.

The error features the following text “Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped Working” and it shutdowns all apps. There are thousands of user-sent reports where Android fans complain that this error is ruining their user experience and luckily, there is a simple method of fixing it.

Uninstall and Reinstall Google Play Services

The first advice we can give Android fans is to turn off and on their smartphone a couple of times. However, if the error doesn’t go away, then Android fans should consider uninstalling Google Play Services and installing it once again. While this might seem like a complicated task, we are going to provide readers with a step-by-step guide to make things easier.

  • Head over to Settings – Select Security – Device Administrators – Deactivate Device Manager;
  • After deactivating the device manager, Android fans are required to uninstall Google Play Services;
  • Access Settings – Application Manager – All – Google Play Services and select “Uninstall Updates”;
  • Reinstall Google Play Services;
  • Now activate Android device manager by following then next steps Settings – Select Security – Device Administrators – Activate Device Manager;
  • All that’s left now is to restart the Android smartphone.

Clear Data

If the previous method didn’t fix the “Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped Working” error, then we advise Android fans to clear their data. This can be done by accessing the application manager, selecting Google Play Services and tapping on the “clear data” option.

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