ZepellinOS Is A New Open Source Decentralized Platform To Facilitate Ethereum (ETH) Smart Contracts Use

The blockchain startup Zepellin launched ZeppelinOS, a new decentralized open source platform, aimed at developing, operating and managing smart contracts in Ethrereum (ETH) blockchain.

The announcement was made by Zeppelin’s founder and CEO, Demian Brener, in the company’s corporate blog, adding that the objective is to present solutions to the current difficulties in deploying and improving smart contracts, based on the vulnerabilities that may arise over time.

ZepellinOS open source decentralized platform aims to facilitate the creation of applications on the Ethereum (ETH) network

ZepellinOS offers options to link the applications created to the standard open source smart contracts library, already deployed in Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, which is maintained by a community of more than 100 developers worldwide.

This new platform is the result of a series of studies carried out since 2017 by a team of experts from the company, led by the founders of Zeppelin, Demian Brener and Manuel Araoz.

The goal was to facilitate the creation of applications on the Ethereum (ETH) network, a process that, as explained in the project’s white paper, was slow and cumbersome, as well as costly.

The team worked on the creation of ZeppelinOS, making it possible through a system of update patterns to mutate the source code of smart contracts in order to make improvements to the faults detected over time.

ZepellingOS will handle smart contract on Ethereum (ETH) blockchain with access to new functions

The Zepellin startup announced that ZeppelinOS project will be complemented by new functions, which will be integrated into the platform with the launches to be announced over the next two years.

These features are ZeppelinOS Kernel and the ZEP token.

The first seeks to register standard mechanisms for updating smart contracts and creating new versions of standard contract code libraries. As for the second feature, there will be a ZEP crypto token will also be used to reward developers, among others.

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