0x (ZRX) Keeps On Gaining – We Might See 0x (ZRX) On Coinbase’s Paradex Crypto Trading Platform

0x (ZRX) is one of the few cryptocurrencies that showed double-digit earnings during the last week. Even now, ZRX is not doing badly as it is still gaining, trading at $1.27, at the moment of this writing, increasing by about 3.5% in the last 24 hours. All the gains 0x (ZRX) recorded are due to the rumors about ZRX addition on either Coinbase or the Paradex crypto trading platform (which, since recently, is a Coinbase subsidiary).

As I’ve said, 0x (ZRX) is traded at $1.27 but, even though it is still gaining, ZRX “lived” its best day past Thursday when it traded upward and recorded a 12.5% increase breaking over the $1.30 level.

What is 0x (ZRX)?

0x (ZRX) is an open source platform designed to deliver decentralized exchange capabilities to ERC20 tokens around the world. The protocol is built on Ethereum (ETH) smart contracts and permits the functioning of decentralized crypto trading platforms.

The ERC20 crypto tokens developed on ETH network keep on expanding and increasing worldwide. The 0x team has proposed to build a platform to facilitate the trading of the ERC20 crypto tokens.

0x platform is neither a centralized nor a decentralized trading environment, however, it employs the best characteristics.

0x (ZRX) to be listed on Coinbase’s Paradex crypto trading platform

CNBC announced on May 23rd the acquisition of Paradex by Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. Paradex is a trading system which has been specifically engineered to support the direct trading of digital assets.

Coinbase, on its part, stated that they will enhance the technology behind Paradex prior to its formal introduction. Paradex, eventually, will be made commercially available for several hundreds of cryptocurrencies but only for clients located outside the US.

Paradex offered 0x (ZRX) trading before being bought by Coinbase and it is quite possible to be also among the traded ERC20 crypto tokens on the updated crypto trading platform.

Also, if that’s the case, it is also very probable to see 0x (ZRX) on Coinbase, the most popular US-based cryptocurrency exchange.

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