Clash of Clans – The Attack Strategy That Everyone Needs to Learn

One of the things that makes Clash of Clans so fun to play is the fact that players need to come up with brilliant strategies in order to defeat their foes. Getting into fights randomly and getting into fights with a plan in mind is what makes the difference between a great player and an average one. With that said, today we are going to show Clash of Clans fans the best attack strategy that they can use to conquer their enemies!

Barb/Arch (Barbarian and Archers)

There are many attack strategies that Clash of Clans fans can use, but nearly all of them pale in comparison with Barb/Arch. As the strategy’s name implies, players will need to rely on their Barbarians and Archers but that’s not all. Players also need to get a few wall breakers to help them out with the enemy’s castle.

Low Cost Army

The biggest strength of the Barb/Arch strategy is that it produces a low-cost army. This is why most Clash of Clans fans are advised to learn it before getting into combat with their foes. On the downside of things, the strategy is weak on attack which means that strong bases that have lots of splash damage will wipe it out.

Taking Out Splash Defenses

Barb/Arch is ideal for scenarios where Clash of Clans players wants to keep attacking their enemies in a “zerg rush” mode, but the first thing that players need to do if they want to ensure victory is to take out their enemy’s splash defenses. Luckily, this can be easily done by using Lighting Spells to take Mortars.

Taking Out Collectors

Another great use for the Barb/Arch strategy is to attack collectors for loot. All collectors which are on the outside can be beaten with a couple of barbarians and archers. Usually, five or ten archers are going to do the job without any issues.

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