iPhone 9 Comes with an Enhanced Three-Camera Setup and Top AR Features

If you are a fan of taking pictures with your smartphone, then you are going to love this new rumor about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 9. According to the rumor mill, all major media outlets are reporting that Apple is looking revolutionize the smartphone industry by equipping iPhone 9 with not two, but three cameras!

Apple Wants to Revolutionize Smartphone Cameras

Even though this is just a rumor, there are many reasons to why Apple would actually develop a special three-camera setup. First off, smartphones are becoming more camera centric every year and Apple is always the one to push new camera features and all other sorts of innovations such as iPhone 7’s “Portrait Mode”.

In addition, Apple has received its fair share of criticism these past couple of years for not adding any innovative features to its iPhones and sticking with the same bland, and boring design while Samsung keeps taking things to the next level with every new model of Galaxy S.

iPhone 9 Super Zoom

Nonetheless, rumor has it that iPhone 9 will sport a three-camera setup that will feature a cool mode called “Super Zoom”. Things get even better than this since the three-camera setup also means that iPhone 9 will be able to sense 3D spaces more accurately than usual, thus enhancing the smartphone’s “deep view” camera mode.

Enhancing AR Features

While Google and Samsung keep toying with VR (virtual reality), Apple decided that it wants to focus all its attention on AR (augmented reality). This is why Apple was able to equip iPhone X with animojis months before Samsung even thought of bringing something like this to its fans. With that being said, the three-camera setup will add another layer of accuracy to AR and Apple is surely going to use it when developing new apps.

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