Ripple (XRP) Aims A Re-branding That Could Help XRP Boost By 200%

We were able to watch a Ripple (XRP) community event which culminated with a Snoop Dogg concert. But, that wasn’t the most significant aspect of the event. More interesting was the rebranding of Ripple and, as everybody knows, a change in a brand doesn’t occur without a good reason behind it. In Ripple (XRP) case, might be the desire to get on Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. However, Ripple wants to rebrand itself, a fact which could boost XRP by 200%.

Ripple (XRP) & Coinbase

As we speak, the authorities are struggling to claim XRP as a security and some investors support the officials in this action.

Thus, Ripple team knows that the XRP will only be able to boost its value against the USD if it will get listed on big cryptocurrency exchange platforms. And, as it has been revealed in the latest news, Ripple is actually going after Coinbase.

But Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange and other major ones will not be interested in Ripple (XRP) as long as XRP has no legal status and is surrounded by turmoil.

This is why Ripple team re-thought its business and started to rebrand itself in order to increase the interest of big cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Ripple (XRP).

Ripple rebrand can help XRP boost by 200%

As reported on, Ripple wants to dissociate itself from its homonymous cryptocurrency in order to “de-securitize” the Ripple (XRP) crypto token.

The odds that XRP to be claimed as a security, in the conditions that Ripple holds the largest amounts of its crypto, are really big, thus, such a classification would have a substantial impact on the XRP price and its performance on the US stock exchanges. In this regard, Ripple would like to separate from XRP but could bump into more trouble in convincing people about the reliability of such a measure.

But, as XRP would become an asset on its own, a listing on one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase, as well as on the US stock exchange, would bring more transactions, market cap, and value against the USD for the XRP. Thus, Ripple rebrand can help XRP boost by 200% only in the before-mentioned conditions.

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