Angry Birds 2 2.20.2 Update Download Available – Hatchling Pets, Jackpot Egg and New 80 Levels

The mobile games industry is super competitive and new developers have hard time getting into it. The reason behind this being that there are tens of premium mobile games such as Angry Birds which offer fun gameplay. Talking about Angry Birds, fans of the game should keep their eyes peeled at the notifications panel because a new update is scheduled to arrive OTA (over the air).

Angry Birds 2 2.20.2 Update

There are many mobile games which became popular for a short period of time and then quickly faded away, but not Angry Birds. This game managed to keep its popularity along the years, and this is why Angry Birds 2 is receiving a new update right now. The update changes Angry Birds 2’s version number to “2.20.2” and it introduces a bunch of cool features.

What’s New?

The most exciting feature that the new update brings is “NEW Hatchling pets”. Therefore, Angry Birds 2 fans are now going to be able to adopt their own Hatchling pet and take care of it. To make things even better, the adorable Hatchling gives important boosts to flocks.

Do you love surprises? Well, then you should be excited to know that the Tower of Fortune is now rewarding players with a brand-new Jackpot Egg. Angry Birds 2 should make sure to visit the Tower of Fortune because the Jackpot Egg is filled with in-game goodies and bonuses.

New Levels and Boss Piggies

The thing that keeps Angry Birds 2 players coming back for more is the fact that the developers are constantly releasing new content. Therefore, no one should be surprised to find out that this latest Angry Birds 2 update adds 80 levels in two new areas which will feature 6 boss piggies.

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