Reports of Forced Windows 10 April Updates Under Investigation

The newest Windows 10 update from 10th of April 2018 has been forcibly installed even on the computers that were configured to block it. Microsoft is aware of this issue and they are currently investigating it. A great number of Windows 10 users has reported various problems with their OS since the beginning of May, when this upgrade was introduced.

The new OS version 1803 has been offered to computers that were configured to block any updates until they are ready for the Semi-Annual Channel. This includes users of Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise SKUs, who specifically opted out of such updates.

More and more Windows 10 users keep reporting bugs, and the list of newly discovered issues keeps growing day after day. A Microsoft official stated that they are gathering the reports and investigating what caused all these errors. So far, Microsoft has failed to act fast in response to this general problem, which remains unfixed until now. The company is unable to provide any specific explanations, so it looks like we will still have to wait for any detailed information to be revealed.

What we know so far is that most likely these problems were caused by a bug, which allowed this update to be installed on some computers, even though they were not supposed to receive it. Usually it takes a few months for a new upgrade of Windows 10 to become available in the Semi-Annual Channel, but many systems were updated prior to that.

On June 12 the next Patch Tuesday will take place and a new set of Windows 10 updates is expected to be released, along with fixes to all existing system issues. We hope that this update will be a great success and no new problems will occur. Meanwhile, we are waiting for more details explaining the source of the problem.

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