Skype Lite 1.52.76 vs. Skype Preview 8.23.76 – Choosing the Right Skype App

One of the best things about using Skype is the fact that there are different versions of the app and all of them cater to different user bases. Take Skype Lite and Skype Preview for example. Skype Lite is designed for people who own entry-level smartphones that don’t have that much storage space and mobile data access. On the other hand, Skype Preview is a more premium version of the app which runs on desktop PCs and offers a wider range of features.

Skype Lite Update

Skype Lite recently received a new update with the “” version number and it runs better than ever! The new update improved the app’s software and boosted its performance. Nonetheless, Skype Lite’s biggest strength is the fact that it doesn’t take up too much storage space and this makes it ideal for affordable smartphones which aren’t equipped with extraordinary hardware specs.

Despite being small in size, Skype Lite still features all the classic Skype features such as free video & audio calling, instant text messages and file sharing options. Another great thing about Skype Lite is that it doesn’t consume large amounts of mobile data when placing video or audio calls.

Skype Preview Update

Just like Skype Lite, the desktop version of the app is constantly being updated. The latest update for Skype Preview features the “” version number and it comes with a bunch of bug fixes that make sure Skype Preview never crashes or malfunctions.

Which One to Choose?

Even though these two apps basically offer the same features, Skype Preview has the upper hand because it enhances everything Skype Lite offers. For example, Skype Preview features enhanced messaging groups where hundreds of people can come together and talk to each other while Skype Lite doesn’t. However, Skype Lite is excellent for smartphones while Skype Preview only works on PCs.

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