iOS 13 Emojis Available For Everyone To See

Emojis are more popular than ever. Therefore, it comes as no surprise the fact that Apple is working on some new ones. More than 150 emojis are on their way, and it appears that we will receive them in 2019.

The Emoji Version 12.0 list will be ready next year, in March. It appears that iPhone and iPad users might not be the first ones to use them, as the character might be used in other venues first. One way to identify an unknown symbol is by pasting it into the Emojipedia search field.

So far the emojis that were revealed are just candidates, and it is up to Apple whether they will be included in an update. As Apple emojis are some of the most important, it will be interesting to see which will be the choices.

Possible new emojis

The list of candidates includes various emojis, from new expressions to animals and body parts. For example, we might receive a partying face, a pleading face, a woozy face, a hot face, as well as a cold face. There is also a face that is in love, which has three small hearts.

The list of emojis also includes various choices for hair, including curly hair, ginger hair, white hair or even the option of being bald. All these emojis are available in all skin tones. There are also some supervillain emojis, as well as some superhero ones.

You will also spot a lab coat emoji, a parrot, a badger, a swan, a raccoon, a lobster, a kangaroo, a llama and a hippo. On the list, we can also see a broom emoji, a magnet emoji, a microbe emoji and a soap one. There are also other miscellaneous objects such as a ball of yarn or a safety pin.

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