iOS 14 Will Most Probably be the Best Apple Software so far

Every time iPhone launches a new phone, it gets a great deal of attention, since any future iPhone is believed to be the best, having the fastest processor and the best camera, along with new features that you won’t be able to see on any other iPhone. All of that might just be true, but as technology advances, there’s one essential thing that we need to keep our eyes on: artificial intelligence. This will be of prime importance to new iPhones and operating systems and we’re definitely going to see some improvements with the iOS 14 expected in 2020.

We know by now that Apple is creating a new iPhone chip designed precisely for AI, which is clearly in accordance with the company’s preference to have personalization features powered by AI on devices while maintaining the protection of user privacy.

Siri will definitely get smarter

One of the key features that use AI-processing power is Siri and we expect it to become more powerful and more intelligent with iOS 14, since it will play quite a significant role in Apple’s operating system. It does look like Apple is making plans for more text-based Siri interactions.

Similar to the way Google sends reminders to users about when to leave for work, Siri would be able to analyze data from Apple’s apps and create reminders based on the collected information. We could even witness some changes to the Mail and Photos features, as well as to the daily alarms, which could be automatically turned on or off by Siri, based on the user’s calendar. Thus, we might see a transition from the Siri we know today, solely as an assistant, to an intelligent Siri that could help you manage your life more effectively than ever.

Personalization of the features

However, Siri will not be the only way new versions of iOS will get smarter, as most of the future operating system from Apple will be affected by AI. We expect to see new levels of personalization applied to even the simplest tasks. One of the possible changes could apply to users’ home screen: iOS could automatically select for you the apps to be placed on the screen, based on what it “thinks” you might use in a specific moment.

Nevertheless, the level of personalization will extend far beyond our imagination.

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