iOS 12 and Android P Emoji Release Date With New Updates

This has been a good week for all emoji lovers, whether they own an iPhone or and Android phone. There is a new set of emojis on its way and we finally received a release date for it. Let’s see what this exciting update will bring.

Release date

Unicode Consortium finally revealed the release date for a new set of emoji that is supposed to come with the next iOS and Android versions. It appears that the new emojis will become available on June 5. The new emojis will include a hot face, a cold face, a woozy face, a party face, as well as some new body parts, animals and emojis related to science.

“The Unicode Character Database, Code Charts, and Annexes for Version 11.0 will be released on June 5, 2018. The core specification (the PDF chapters) of Version 11.0 is still pending publication due to the extensive editorial work required for the new content additions. Until final publication, the links to individual chapters of the core specification will not be activated. An announcement will be made when the core specification for Version 11.0 is available. In the meantime, implementers can continue to reference the relevant sections of the most recent version of the core specification,” says the Unicode page.

New emojis

The new emoji set comes with more than 150 brand new emojis. If you want some hair diversity, this update will let you choose between white haired emojis, ginger emojis, curly emojis and even bald ones. Additionally, you will notice that there are some super heroes as well as some super villains, and other emojis such as a lab coat. Finally, there are some new faces, such as the pleading face, the party face or the woozy face.

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