Ripple (XRP) Might Get On Coinbase, As The Renowned Cryptocurrency Exchange Plan On Moving To Japan

According to news releases this morning, Coinbase, the cryptocurrencies market leader in cryptocurrency exchange platform, will relocate to Japan to commence expanded activities in the Asian country. Naturally, Japan is widely regarded as the homeland of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, mostly via the huge volume of investors and crypto enthusiasts living in Japan. Even though this information is not unexpected, a sudden move like this one would have huge repercussions for most of the cryptocurrencies communities. Even more, Ripple (XRP) might indeed reach Coinbase thanks to this move.

Like we are aware already, cryptocurrency exchange platforms operating on the Japanese territory must be licensed and obey a series of crypto regulations designed to protect security and integrity of both cryptocurrencies and investors. Thus, the Japanese regulations are not at all created to hinder the operations of cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Thus, before moving its activity on Japanese soil, Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange must work to obtain a valid license and once it has been acquired Coinbase operations must comply with the Japanese crypto regulations.

Ripple (XRP) might eventually get on Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange, as the latter plans on moving to Japan

This recent news that Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange will move to Japan has ignited many speculations. Among them, however, one is quite plausible, namely, Ripple (XRP) might now get on Coinbase.

Above all, Ripple (XRP) is a very appreciated coin in Japan where it is, at the same time, the most used cryptocurrency, therefore, would be a smart move from Coinbase to list XRP, as soon as it moves its operations on Japanese soil.

From Ripple’s point of view, however, Ripple (XRP) addition on Coinbase would significantly surge XRP’s price against the USD, as well as its adoption. In the meantime, Ripple (XRP) won’t get on Coinbase as long as Coinbase keeps its business in the US and XRP is considered a security by the US regulators.

Therefore, as soon as Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange moves its operations to Japan, Ripple (XRP), the most used crypto coin on Japanese territory, might be listed.

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