Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 Download Available with Siege Workshop and Siege Machines

Clash of Clans fans should be getting ready for a major update because Town Hall 12 is ready to roll out. To make things even better, the developers are bundling the highly anticipated Town Hall 12 with a new Siege Workshop that produces Siege Machines which will make the combat aspect of the game more fun than ever!

Siege Workshop and Siege Machines

As their name clearly implies, Siege Machines are going to be built in the Siege Workshop. The cool thing about these new machines is that they can carry troops directly to an opponent’s Town Hall, thus improving combat and giving players incentive to create new defense strategies that revolve around their Town Halls.

  • Battle Blimp

The Siege Machine which will carry players is called the Battle Blimp and it requires players to have Town Hall 12 in order to build it. On the other hand, Town Hall 6 players can also receive Battle Blimps as a donation from their friends. Nonetheless, the Battel Blimp can also drop bombs which makes it a strong attack troop.

  • Wall Wrecker

Just like the Battle Blimp, the Wall Wrecker can be used to funnel troops to a specific location in the enemy’s base. However, the thing that makes this machine special is its ability to destroy walls with 10X damage. Additionally, the Wall Wrecker is able to destroy all type of buildings in its path and it can also be used as a defense tactic to shield troops.

Fun Gameplay

If there’s something that we all know and love about Clash of Clans, then it must be the fun gameplay that it offers. The game is complex and players need to devise clever strategies if they want to defeat their foes and collect their resources.

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