Pokemon GO Download Available – New Avatar Shirts with Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon GO is a great game that gives players a chance to live out their childhood dream of exploring the world and catching Pokemon at the same time. Niantic Labs took the mobile gaming industry by storm when it implemented AR (augmented reality) technology into Pokemon GO, but things get even better than this. Niantic Labs regularly updates the game which gives players a reason to keep coming back. Talking about new updates, Pokemon GO fans should get ready for some new customization options!

New Clothing Items

Truth be told, the avatars in Pokemon GO are not that amazing. People don’t have too many customization options, but things are looking to change. Niantic Labs recently announced that it wants to celebrate Legendary Pokemon by launching a couple of cool shirts that players will be able to obtain and equip dress up their in-game avatars. Moreover, there are two shirts available right now and they both cost 250 Pokemon Coins each.

The Mew Shirt

Mew is one of the most popular Pokemon in the game and it should come as no surprise that Niantic Labs created a pink shirt with him on it. The shirt features a pink background and Mew is colored in white and placed on the front side.

Latias and Latios Shirt

The second shirt that Pokemon fans can acquire for 250 Pokemon Coins features both Latias and Latios. This shirt is black and the two Pokemon are also placed on the front side in red and blue colors.

Field Research Encounter June Rewards

Even though Niantic Labs didn’t plan on unveiling anything about this, data miners managed to “dig” out code lines which point towards the fact that the game developer plans to introduce new rewards for Field Research Encounters such as increased changes of catching Dratini and Chansey.

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